A Sermon gone viral on Covid-19
May 12, 2020, 2:00 PM

Many people with whom I have spoken during the Covid-19 virus pandemic have expressed an uneasiness about the whole situation surrounding this phenomenon.  I have also felt something deep in my spirit that there is something more than the face value news reporting about this virus. Something just doesn't feel right with all of the fear mongering from the media and 'experts'.  I feel like we have been placed under 'house arrest' as part of a large global experiment over something that has not yet even matched an average yearly flu season.  We have been placed under a cloud of extreme fear and have been manipulated like sheep being led to slaughter.  The powers of media to spread fear and panic have surely been confirmed in all of this.  And the power of emergency govermental authority has been flexed as though it is somehow a rehersal for something yet to come.  

 I came across this sermon online and was impressed with the research this man of God had put into his topic.  Much of it comes as a confirmation of suspicions that I have personally held and researched for many years, which are now being manifest and revealed in a real world situation.  Some folks will relegate my reflections the following online sermon with the derogatory summation "that's just conspiracy theory on steroids".  But before you dismiss any of this in such fashion please let me remind you that the dictionary defines the word conspire as: "to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement. : to act in harmony toward a common end." 

Conspiracies happen every single day in many venues of life as people agree to act together in a secretive manner to accomplish their shared goals and ambitions.  As a pastor I have even seen conspiracies unfold in a local church setting.   What makes conspiracies a plausible means of accomplishing a shared goal is whether or not the "conspirators" have the ways and means whereby to accomplish their shared secretive agenda.  It happens.  

Somehow we do want to even entertain the idea in modern middleclass America that such a thing is possible or plausible.  As a parishioner once told me, "Pastor we don't want to hear any of these wild ideas, just stick to preaching about baby Jesus!".   Sadly, the two scenerios that I specifically was warning the church about are now unfolding in plain view:  the tragic future for the Boy Scouts of America as the chief executives of BSA caved into the threats from the homosexual advocates of a boycott against all BSA corporate sponsors; and the future split of the United Methodist Church over the homosexual agenda.  That was five years ago.  The BSA has declared chapter 11 bankrupsy because of lawsuits over sexual misconduct by homosexual leaders, I have the letter from the BSA in my office.  And the UMC is set to approve a "Protocol for an ammicable separation" at the next General Conference scheduled for August 31, 2021.  

The scriptures tell us that a prudent man foresees trouble and prepares for it. Proverbs 22:3, 27:12.   

My point is that it may be foolish to dismiss bad news or a disturbing report about what is happening in our world simply because we prefer not to hear it.  By the way, the narrative of the birth of our savior is the most beautiful story ever told in human history.  But 'baby Jesus' grew up and healed the sick, proclaimed freedom to captives, spoke truth to power, was crucified by sinful men and rose again victorious over sin and the grave.  If you stop at the story of 'baby Jesus' you never hear the full gospel that saves your soul from the ugly power of sin and death!

There IS something going on these days.  Just about everyone who has not stuck their head in the sand feels it or at least suspects something is wrong on the 'big stage'.  Because I have not heard such a well thought out and well researched message on the subject, I share this one with you at the following link.  After you have listened to this message I hope that you will place your faith and trust even deeper in our Lord Jesus Christ.  HE IS COMING BACK TO JUDGE THE QUICK AND THE DEAD!  He will provide protection and provision for all those who trust in Him!  Knowing what the enemy is up to should not frighten us.  Jesus told us, that when we see certain things (signs) begin to happen in the world not to worry but to look toward heaven because our salvation draws near.  Yes Lord!


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