Covid-19 Global Pandemic
April 28, 2020, 12:00 PM

Greetings to the Saints,

As we continue to navigate our way through this Covid-19 pandemic virus many thoughts emerge as to what is actually going on in our nation and world.  Is this just another natural disaster or is there something else going on?  How is this going to change our world?  Is this pandemic sent by God or did it just happen?  I will deal more with this in my next post but for now let me say that God is large and in charge!  He is sovereign over all that He has created, over things seen and unseen.  The Bible tells us about God's divine nature and divine attributes.  He is loving, just, merciful, compassionate, faithful, righteous, jealous, a righteous judge, a protector of His people and a sure refuge for those who turn to Him in faith.  God is not mocked by human beings.  We do reap what we sow.  While God hates wickedness and rebellion and sin, God is forgiving to all who repent of their sins and wickedness.  There is abundant mercy with the Lord.  He has divine purposes that bring glory to His name.  God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.   All of these divine attributes of God and more are revealed through Scripture, all of which was inspired by the Holy Spirit using the hearts and minds of the inspired writers of scripture to convey His living and eternal Word to the world He created.  God cannot be 'put in a box' and completely comprehended.  A creator comprehends his creation not vice-versa.  So although we can know about God what He reveals to us about Himself, we cannot comprehend Him completely .... in a word.... God can do what ever He pleases, whenever He pleases, and how ever He pleases.  He is Sovereign and totally righteous in ALL that He does.  We just cannot put God in a box.  We live by faith.

Concerning the Covid-19 virus, it is good to have reliable information.  Keep in mind that it is always a good thing to filter everything you read these days, including this article, through the lens of much personal research using a variety of sources to verify your information.  It seems that in this day and age, known as the Information Age, that information is power ...  power to control a narrative, shape opinion, and thus influence people's perspectives and behaviors. We must be aware that there is just as much 'disinformation and misinformation' as there is truthful information available to us.  A discerning reader must do their own due diligence.  

What do we know about the Covid-19 virus.  Most sources of information that I have read or viewed pinpoints the origin of the virus to Wuhan China.  I think that is a fairly well accepted premise at this point.  The disturbing question on the mind of many a person is, "Was this virus created as a weapon of mass destruction?"  There is really no way to know this is the case.  But what we can read from some sources, supposedly reliable sources of information,  is how the communist Chinese government has handled the situation.  The following information is taken from the Internation Business Times website: china-hoards-ppes-blocks-export-coronavirus-masks-considered-first-degree-murder-2953130

"The Trump administration may file criminal charges before the United Nations or another world body accusing China of hoarding supplies of ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to combat COVID-19 while prohibiting local manufacturers from exporting these items to foreign buyers.  Administration officials revealed testimonies from executives of American firms producing industrial and medical gear in China who state the communist government is coercing them into not exporting their products to other countries, including the United States, a New York Post report revealed.  Among these firms are the 3M Company, which makes the much in demand N95 respirators at a plant in Shanghai, and Honeywell International Inc. that manufactures the Honeywell Sperian Saf-T-Fit Plus N95 Disposable Respirator with exhalation valve at plants in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. On Saturday, Honeywell said it will produce more than six million N95 masks for Arizona over the next year at its re-tooled Phoenix Aerospace site to combat the coronavirus outbreak.  China has not exported any N95 masks since February 19. 3M said most of the masks made at their Shanghai plant had been sold prior to the pandemic breaking out in China in January. It couldn't confirm when exports of N95s from China will resume.  The shortages of masks and protective gear in the U.S. was also due to shipments from China being halted after the Chinese government banned manufacturers from exporting these items. On the other hand, White House adviser Peter Navarro claimed the shortage of N95 respirators is because China decided to "nationalize effectively 3M, our company."At the same it banned exports of these critical protective products, China also bought massive amounts of these supplies from other countries in a blatant attempt to corner the market, a White House official said, the Post noted. Official Chinese government data shows China imported 2.46 billion pieces of “epidemic prevention and control materials” between January 24 and February 29 valued at nearly $1.2 billion.The materials included more than two billion facemasks and more than 25 million items of protective clothing. China bought these PPE items from the European Union, Australia, Brazil and Cambodia."

China also denied that this pandemic was spread by human-to-human contact while allowing people from China to travel throughout the world.  At the same time China was hoarding the world's supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) such as masks.  So while China was denying critical information on the virus it was also buying up and hoarding protective equipment and preventing the sale of protective equipment to other nations including the USA.  Form your own opinion here on China's behavior!

According to the Washington Post, the Center for Disease Control began testing passengers arriving from China in the US on January 17, 2020.  On January 21 they identified the first travel related case arriving directly from China.  On February 2 President Trump issued a travel ban on China. (Links .p0117-coronavirus-screening.html)  ,  Immediately the World Health Organization cautioned against such action by the President saying the ban would be ineffective against a virus and would be counterproductive.  The President's  opponents  have called his actions "zenophobic" and been highly citical of his efforts to protect Americans from the spread of the virus. One only has to watch the main stream news media to confirm this. Now it seems as though they are accusing the President of not doing enough and not acting earlier.  It appears that the President's opponents are trying to use this tragic moment to their political advantage.  This is disgraceful!   Our governmental leaders from both political parties should be united and supportive in every intiative to protect American citizens.  Unfortunately that is not the case.

In regards to China you must make your own conclusions from the W.H.O.'s own data on their website (novel-coronavirus-2019)  China, the place of origin of this world pandemic (reported as of April 28, 2020), has 84,341 confirmed cases of Covid-19, and 4,643 deaths. Russia has 87,147 confirmed cases and only 794 deaths.  Eight nations in Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland) have a combined total of confirmed cases of 949,882 and 112,042 deaths.  In the US the number of confirmed cases is 931,698 and deaths is 47,980.  In light of these, which are just a sampling of the data from the W.H.O. website, any reasonable person would ask how is it that in the country of origin of this pandemic (China) only 84,341 confirmed cases are reported and only 4,643 deaths have resulted and in Europe and the US there are 1,881,580 confirmed cases and 160,022 deaths.  The grand total of confirmed cases in the world is 2,877,484 and deaths are 198,655.  Given the fact of China's withholding vital information on the outbreak of the virus, and their denial about its human-to-human contagion, and their buying up and hoarding of protective equipment worldwide and their preventing their companies even those owned by the US in China from selling life saving equipment to any other nation in the world.... (all well documented and undeniable facts) ... you have to wonder....was this world pandemic an intentional bad act on the part of China?  At best you have to admit that if it was not intentional, then their actions to contain it in their own country (as indicated by the statistics of the WHO) while allowing it to spread throughout the world via air travel, and denying the world the means of protecting its citizens from the spread of the virus IS DERILECT AND CRIMINAL!!!!

Some have questioned the President's threat of the withdrawal of financial support for the W.H.O. in light of their defense of China and their early on statements discouraging travel bans and their lack of accurate information on how the disease spreads by human-to-human contact.

I believe it is important in the midst of this crisis to come together in prayer for our nation and to support our President who is working nonstop to save American lives and prevent a collapse of our economy. I further believe that it is bad form to use such a crisis for partisan political purposes.  

I take great issue with Nancy Pelosi who has said that the failure to remove the President from office by impeachment has been the cause of American lives lost in this global pandemic.  I simply cannot believe the depths of hatred and self-serving interest that is rooted in that statement!!  

A word to the Saints and to all Americans.  Be wise, beware, and be on your proverbial knees in prayer!

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